Extended Vehicle Warranty


Right Way Auto offers a variety of different warranty packages for all types of vehicle classes and price ranges. Whether your purchasing a car from Right Way Auto or looking to purchase warranty for your existing vehicle, Right Way Auto is here to help!

When it comes to purchasing a new car, vehicle warranty may not be the first thing on a buyer’s mind. We all want to believe that our car is going to have a long healthy life, but breakdowns happen; transmission fails, engine stops. If these parts aren’t covered by manufacturer warranty, the owner is stuck with a hefty bill. In order to avoid this, Right Way Auto strongly encourages buyers to consider purchasing one of our extended vehicle warranty packages.

Additionally, if your planning on financing your vehicle during purchase, you’ll be able to include your extended warranty cost into your monthly payments. While your monthly payments will be slightly higher with an extended warranty, you’ll avoid having a big bill for service and parts when your car needs it. For more information regarding vehicle warranty, visit our Warranty Services webpage.

See our warranty specialist for more information.