Oil Change Package

Oil Change5

Purchase any of our certified pre-owned vehicles from Right Way Auto and receive your first FOUR OIL CHANGES for FREE!

Whether you recently purchased a vehicle from Right Way Auto or looking for regular vehicle maintenance, we’re here to help! We strive to provide customers a place that takes care of all your vehicle essentials including oil changes. Our Auto Repair Shop provides oil changes for all cars, trucks and SUV’s. We additionally offer a free complimentary vehicle inspection with your oil change, as we care about your safety.

Engine oil is one of the most essential fluids within the engine and handles more tasks than any other component, fluid or material. A key task engine oil is responsible for is to protect the engine by lubricating its moving parts. It also cools critical engine parts by transferring heat away and keeps internal parts clean and free from harmful deposits. Hence, it’s important to maintain your engine for a clean, smooth running car by changing your engine oil every 5000 kms.

Package deal includes five liters maximum oil, oil filter, 5W-30 or 5W-20 oil only. One year expiry date after registered purchase. Offer valid for certain vehicles only, purchased at full listing price.