Vehicle Cleaning and Detailing


We strive to make a great impression of our inventory by providing exceptional vehicle cleaning and detailing services to all of our pre-owned vehicles. The first appearance of our cars says a lot about our image and quality of our vehicles, which is why the presentation of the automobiles must look outstanding at all times. Here at Right Way Auto, we want you to have a great shopping experience and feel comfortable in your vehicle of choice. So we offer vehicle cleaning services to make sure that your new car is not only mechanically safe, but clean from the inside and out.

We are proud of our inventory and aim for high customer satisfaction, which is why we clean carpets, mats, seats, dashboard, center console, windows, tires and outer body of all our vehicles before they go on sale. In addition, we provide all of our cars with a dual scented air freshener vent clip to eliminate any odors and keep the vehicle smelling great. Before any vehicle delivery, we offer your new car another outer body wash to clean off any visible dust and debris so you can be proud to drive out in your new, shiny car.